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Menopause $110 per treatment
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Stop Smoking Only 1 treatment needed $650
Deposit of $80 at time of booking
One top for $100 valid within 2 months of treatment (conditions apply)
24 hours notice for cancellations
Can Travel for Group Bookings
Recommended supplement (milk thistle)
$35 for sale at clinic
No refund on product or service 
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Alcohol Addiction $ 550 for 3 treatments
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Gambling Addiction $ 550 for 3 treatments
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Teeth Whitening up to 3 shades lighter in 1 treatment
single treatment $150
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Weight Loss Stop sugar and carb cravings: Consultation and 4 treatments $550,lose up to 6kg in 4 weeks.(see special)
(no refunds on product or service)
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