Alcohol Addiction Testimonial

  • Hi Lynda I had your laser therapy for menopause a few months ago and just wanted to let you know that it has reduced my mood swing and flushes dramatically, I highly recommend this therapy but of course everyone is different.
    Kim, Cessnock 2019
  • Hi there I’m in my mid 50s and have been going through menopause for some time now and have tried pills patches and the lotions, they all seem to work for a short time. I had laser therapy I January and this has seem to work the best for me.
    Fiona Newcastle 2019
  • For those who are wondering just do it you have nothing to lose, its been the best outcome I’ve had. I did the 10 pack weekly and fortnightly. Good luck
  • Thank you Del Soul. I had the pain free laser therapy for sugar cravings it has helped me take control of my cravings and over indulging. This really help me gain clarity no more haze and my energy is nonstop, it also helped with my hormones (polysistic ovaries) stabilising and just feeling overall better, my sleep has improved and mood my swings. I didn’t have to lose any weight it was all about my sugar addiction. Greatest thing I have done for myself.
    Amy 2019
  • After hearing your ad on the radio I thought I would give you a call, I was wanting to cut down my mid week drinking and have heard good things about laser therapy in reducing alcohol consumption. After the 3 sessions I had from Lynda it has definitely stopped my 5 pm drinks I still have a few with dinner but not nearly as much. You still need to work at lifestyle changes as well.    
    Jenny Toronto  2019
  • March 2019 Hi Lynda just wanted to say thank you for your help on curbing my alcohol consumption. I was sceptical at first but I had halved my consumption within a week, going from 12 beers a night to 6. It’s still early days but I’m on the right track. Thanks again.    
    B  Stockton NSW
  • Dear Lynda just want to say thank you for doing my laser  to stop smoking i have smoked for 42 yrs found out i had emphysema  and had tried everything to give up but nothing worked then a friend had told my hubby about laser as it worked for him 18 months before hand so my hubby booked me in and it's been 4 months now I have no urges and feel great wished I'd known about you yrs ago since I've had it done we have  had 10 friends that have been successful as well i recommend you to all my friends and anyone that wants to give up smoking thanks again
    Donna Munro
  • Hi Lynda, I came to see you in 2016 and would like to give you an update on my progress. It’s almost been 3 years now and I have saved nearly $43,000 and 295,000 mg of tar in my system. Now I o to Bali twice a year with the money I have saved. Thank You so much, money well spent.
  • Just a quick note to say thank you for your help, in 2018 I came to see you for help on cutting back on my alcohol consumption. After a few session with the laser acupressure and a lifestyle change I feel so much better and can enjoy a few social drinks every now and then.
  • I just wanted to share with you my journey. After 25 years of alcohol addiction I was finally able to find the one thing that changed my life. I heard and ad on the radio about DEL SOUL which was laser treatment, I was desperate and thought that this would be my last hope, after trying counselling, hypnosis and trying to manage by myself I made an appointment. It has been a miracle, the first treatment was successful it took all the cravings away. I have continued to have sessions every so often to keep it under control. It has also help with my anxiety and depression. I feel so much better I would totally recommend it, if you would like to speak to me about my journey please contact Lynda and she will pass on the message. You don’t have to have a difficult time beating addictions try this treatment you will be blown away. Thank you again Lynda. 2017
  • I was looking through the internet on ways of quitting smoking in 2016, when I cam across Del Soul add, so I rang and spoke with Lynda. In April 2016 I had my treatment with Lynda totally painless thank the lord as I'm a chicken when it comes to pain. I felt completely relaxed and began my new journey smoke free. Today 18 months later, I'm still smoke free. I'm saying it was easy. I had my good and bad days but keeping myself busy and positive and using the quit buddy on my phone I achieved it. When the 12 month mark came around it was like celebrating my birthday. I'm back to do weight loss and drinking - will keep you posted
    Melissa Clack
  • Just wanted to give you some positive feedback. For some reason it took a good few days for your treatment to catch on and it was hard on those days, but worth it in the end. It’s been 1 month today since I saw you and I haven’t had as much as a cheating puff. I have tried everything in the past but I have got it this time; I don’t even think about it anymore. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work.
    D. Young
  • Thank you for helping me to quit smoking. It has been 10 weeks now & feeling better than I can ever remember. The first couple of days were a bit hard, I felt like I had lost my best friend. Now I look at how my health has improved & how proud I am of myself that I have finally kicked a habit that I have had for 30 years. I gained a few kilos so now I am dealing with shedding those but that hasn’t even bothered me (usually the first reason to start smoking again). I can quite confidently say that ” I am a non smoker” now. Hopefully I have also sent some more business your way too. So many people have been amazed that I have given up that they have taken your contact details, hopefully they will take the step to contact you.
    Di Freeman
  • From 26 March 2010 my life has not been the same; this is the day I gave up smoking. I used to be a chronic smoker; I started when I was just a teenager, at age 13, at the end smoking 50-60 cigarettes a day. Then I was referred to Lynda from the Stop Smoking Clinic, who has done for me what no-one else could. Before I was referred to Lynda I had tried everything to quit smoking including cahmpix,zioban and hypnotherapy twice but nothing worked but as a result of treatment from the Stop Smoking Clinic I have not had a cigarette in 3 months. When I first went and saw Lynda I was very nervous, but she explained the treatment thoroughly which put me at ease, and it was completed within an hour. Today, not only am I not smoking, but my depression has gone and I am on top of the world. I would definitely recommend a visit to the Stop Smoking Clinic to anyone who wants to give up smoking forever.
    Linda (Budgewoi)
  • On the 17th of November 2010 I quit smoking…thanks to you and Low Level Laser Therapy and my loving son Shannon who paid for this for my Birthday Present. This has been an amazing experience with ease to finally quit smoking. I have had many attempts in the past – patches, zyban and willpower, but nothing worked my friends and family are impressed that this procedure has been successful.
  • I am writing this in the hope it will strongly encourage anyone smoking to give Laser Therapy for Quitting Smoking a try. My journey began after watching a program on A Current Affair regarding a world famous cricketer who after a lifetime of smoking heavily stopped after one treatment of Laser. I had been smoking since the age of 20 and knew as I was getting older the toll it was taking on my body both physically and emotionally. I would get a sore throat & would suck on a throat lozenge whilst I was smoking as my throat was so sore. I just could not give up. I then noticed my grandson sucking on a pencil copying my smoking. I had to do something! I had tried the tablets & patches & these worked for a little while. But I would always go back as soon as I felt any stress as it was also my crutch I thought to get me through any stressful situations. I was wrong. Also tried Hypnotherapy but it did not work for me as I came home & the first thing I did was have a cigarette. I decided to look locally as I live on the Central Coast for Laser Therapy to Quit Smoking. We receive a little local news magazine and came across add for Del Soul promoting Laser Therapy. I rang Linda straight away & she booked me in for the 12th February 2010. That week I had a lot of family problems ahead of me & nearly cancelled as I thought I would not be able to cope and would waste my money. But decided I will be coming up against these sort of situations for the rest of my life so there was no other time like the present to give it a go. Linda was so professional and explained exactly what the Therapy did to the endorphins in my brain to assist in the resistance of the nicotine addiction. I had a cigarette the morning of my therapy just before I left. I have not had a cigarette since. This does not mean occasionally I don’t think it would be nice to have a cigarette (especially in stressful situations) but just like they say the feeling goes away as soon as it comes. In fact sometimes if I am around a smoker I feel quite ill with the smell of the smoke. I feel so much better now, and the funny thing is I am less stressed as I am not worrying about how long it will be before I can have a cigarette as you do when you are in a smoke free environment. Thanks Linda for doing what no one else could do.
    Margaret Ferrington
  • I spent one hour of my life with Lynda from Del Soul and that made it possible for me to give up smoking after 20 years. Having tried various other methods over the years, I say thank you because 5 weeks ago I gave up smoking and I know I will NEVER smoke another cigarette as long as I live.
    M Carrigan
  • Firstly I would like to thank Lynda for the galvanic spa treatments. At this point I have had 6 treatments (1 per week). Last week I had my 60th birthday and the compliments kept rolling in all night; about how my skin looked fresh, evenly toned and lifter! I will continue the galvanic spa treatments on a monthly bases to keep it looking that way. Thank you again.
    Delia Northe
  • Thank you so much Lynda I haven’t had a smoke since your treatment which was 23/6/09 I feel fantastic and never thought I would be able to quit
  • I had the laser treatment for stopping smoking on the 29.11.12 and it was bloody amazing. I haven't felt like one cigarette since and i was a 2 pack a day man. Thank you so much Lynda
  • I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know that it's been over 18 months since I stopped smoking with Del Soul laser therapy. I still feel great that I no longer smoke and so relieved that I just don't want to. Thank you!
    Raegan Wormwell
  • Thank you Lynda for helping me and my husband lose our weight, we feel so much better now. I lost 4.8kg and jim lost 3.8kg in 4 weeks Also Lynda helped our son to give up smoking <>
    Barbara and Jim
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to Lynda for helping me lose weight on her weight loss program. The program was for 4 weeks and was easy to follow with a busy lifestyle. I travelled from Cessnock to del soul every week I lost in total 14.1kg in 6 weeks and feel great, I still have a bit to go and I know now I can do it. Best advice don’t put it off till tomorrow cause tomorrow never comes
    Lynda Fay
  • I have been going to Del Soul for my weight loss as I have been on a yo yo pattern with my weight for years ,and found I not only I lost the weight I wanted but did it with ease and kept if off which is fantastic, in total 7kg. Lynda has been great with advice and has helped me with good eating habits. I would recommend Del Soul to all who have been having weight issues
    K Forsythe
  • Ian’s journey so far …I was not in a good place, I would work a 12hour shift go home to my man cave by myself and sit and smoke 2 packets of cigarettes and 3grams of kronic listen to the radio for 12hours then go to work again. On the weekend 7grams of kronic and 4 packets of cigarettes. This was my life. I heard Del Soul advertising on the radio that they helped people with Kronic and nicotine addictions. I was desperate as I was going into a deep dark hole, no friends, depressed, suicidal and no way of returning (I hate myself). I rang Lynda from Del Soul and she made it easy for me to make an appointment with no judgement. It was Tuesday, 14th May 2013 I had my first treatment with Lynda. I had my second treatment on the 17th May 2013, yes three days later I was feeling so good I didn’t want to loose that feeling of I can really do this but I needed help as I have a lot of demons to fight. My third and final treatment was Friday, 24th May, 10 days Kronic and Nicotine free. After my second treatment Lynda introduced me to Jane. Jane treated me with energy massage, I was very concerned as I have never had anything like this before and the feeling that people actually cared about me was scary, but I trusted Lynda with her recommendation. As Jane was treating me I could feel my whole body changing for the better as I have a lot of demons to fight. I am totally drug free now but I will continue on having Jane’s treatments as this is a process to change my life I’m not sure how long it will take but it’s worth it. It’s not always easy but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Lynda and Jane, you saved my life. 23 days clean s far …
    Ian (Maitland)
  • I am so glad that I was brave enough and call Lynda@ Del Soul, After hearing several of their radio ads. In four months I have lost 12kg and couldn’t be happier. The laser treatment I underwent for weight loss is fast and pain free; in fact you barley feel any sensation at all during the sessions. For me, the treatment successfully reduced sugar and carb cravings, allowing me to easily adopt a high protein low car diet. With Lynda’s support and encouragement the weight dropped off and i became even more motivated. Whilst I still have a long road ahead to reach my goal, for the first time in many weight loss attempts in feel as though I have the right tools and support in place to succeed
    Lynda J Brookes
  • I was smoking around 15-20 cigarettes per day until I had laser therapy with Lynda @ Del Soul I also had a lot of family and friends around me smoking when I was younger so I had passive smoking as well. I was 54 when I had the therapy (2012). So if I can do it so can you. You have nothing to loose
  • Hi my name is Rodney, I was a 40 pack a day smoker for 17 years until one to visit to del soul. I cant thank del soul enough, for I feel better than I have felt in years and the best thing I found I now have more energy. I have a 5 year old daughter that used to wear me out now I wear her out. The second thing is the amount of money I have saved. This actually works and works amazing, no cravings at all not even an urge for a cigarette that’s a big thing for me. I would recommend laser treatment to stop smoking to anyone this was the best money I have spent in a long time. Thank you again
    Rod from morisset
  • I am a Type 2 diabetic (insulin dependent) after 8 years I finally had my bold sugars under control BUT this had a side effect of increasing my appetite to the point where my weight ballooned to 123.5kg. I made the decision to enquire about the DEL SOUL program and treatments and having so I agreed to commence in early December 2014. Initially I was losing 1kg per day which has now tapered to a more realistic level of loss. The most important development came when I realised after only about 6 days that I was no longer insulin dependent!! The diet had ceased the need and I found if I continued with insulin then I suffered Hypo”s on an increasing basis. I advised my doctor of this development and I am pleased that he took it on board with enthusiasm and assisted in providing further medication to continue to keep the blood sugars low as well as assist in weight loss. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal but I believe I can do it and have no hesitation in recommending the DEL SOUL treatment to assist in weight loss
    G Ballinger Jewells