Body Contouring

According to statistics, one of two women is dissatisfied with her body shape. Many complain about so-called "orange peel skin" - caused by hereditary factors, or by a sluggish metabolism and lymphatic drainage. Algae have long had an excellent reputation as beauty products. This is particularly true for the brown algae - 'Fucus Vesiculosus'. It is harvested in the coastal areas of Brittany in France. This plant is rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins and proteins. The combination of algae extracts, highly active ingredients and plant substances is the secret behind the new 'ALGAE' body program. It meets highest expectations.
You have the choice of cooling and warming wraps. In summer, cooling Algae wraps are beautifully refreshing - suitable also for broken capillaries, circulatory problems and fluid retention. You will love the revitalizing, decongestive feeling! In winter the body needs warmth - jojoba oil. macademia nut oil and ivy increase the feeling of well-being. Wrapped in cotton bandages that have been soaked in a special solution you enjoy the tingling and relaxing sensation. You are ensconced in aromatic scents. Meanwhile, the drainage effect is working for you. It helps to support the body in its lymphatic drainage and its elimination of wastes. You will feel a 'cold-warm-effect' which is a desirable reaction. It supports the metabolism and helps to reduce centimetres in the areas you are concerned about. Slightly reddened skin is a positive sign of increased circulation. Also contains a repair complex of milk proteins, polysaccharides and active amino acids. They combine to protect the skin from detrimental environmental influences, to regulate the natural moisture balance in the skin and to help prevent premature loss of elasticity and tonicity.
A wonderfully refreshing, cooling gel with the scent of fresh wildflowers delivers moisture. Further ingredients like extracts of brown algae, ivy and green tea help firm the connective tissue and assist elimination of wastes. Chestnut and buckwheat - beneficial for broken capillaries and spider veins.
An invigorating and extremely caring, warming body cream for an increased feeling of well being. Excellent for stiff joints and to stimulate the muscles. Brown algae and ivy support the metabolism. Jojoba oil and macademia nut oil ensure that dry skin becomes soft and silky, ALGAE.
For cellulite! Effective for the reduction of problem areas. Supports detoxification and regeneration of the skin. The skin appears firmer and smoother