LED Light Therapy

Need a quick lunchtime Facial?

Choose from one of our two great Skin 02 Treatments.

  • No down time

  • Safe, fast and effective!

  • Clinically proven

  • Non invasive

  • Look and feel instantly youthful and healthy!

  • Discover why photodynamic light therapy is the new beauty must have.

Bio Active Mask + Light Therapy to Rejuvenate & Restore

30 minute treatment

Treat your skin gently and effectively each week so you don't need time off work! Benefit from combined or individual light colour therapy treatments tailored to your needs with Bio Active Masks!

Dr Atia's systems use Super LED. This light source energy is 40% more effective than normal LED light systems!

Choose from: Suitable for:
Blue light + Balancing Mask Acne or oily skin for cleaner skin.
Red light + Collagen Mask Fine lines & wrinkles for anti-aging.
Green light + Brightening Pigmentation or redness for Mask brighter and clearer skin.

Facial Firming Liquid Face Lift + Yellow Light Therapy

45 minute treatment

Pain free, needleless firming & light therapy. Give your skin an internal boost and help turn back time! Dr Atia's Yellow Light Therapy combined with Skin 02 Facial Firming Serum Therapy has the synergistic benefits of aiding the skin's metabolism and increasing the cellular renewal without the need for surgery or as an added boost. The treatment effects are both instant and ongoing!

Choose from: Suitable for:
Facial & Neck Firming the face, neck, reducing dark circles and bags in the eye area.

You can purchase single treatments to instantly give your skin a boost or choose a great value package. For longer lasting results Dr Atia recommends a series of treatments.

A treatment package is not only the most cost effective way but is also essential to allow the Therapist to ensure she can treat your concern properly. Treatment packages for LED are one per week for six weeks then maintenance is once per month or as needed.

Liquid Facelift - 1 treatment recommended 3, 6 or 12 monthly