Remedial Massage

Relaxation Massage (also known as Swedish Massage) is a wonderful and beneficial form of bodywork.

Benefits of Relaxation Massage include:

  • Relieves stress and tension

  • Softens and stretches tight, contracted muscles

  • Improves circulation assisting the cardiovascular system to carry oxygen and nutrients to cells, tissues and internal organs • Lymphatic system is aided

  • Exerts soothing or stimulation of the nervous system

  • Aids elimination of toxic matter via lungs, kidneys and skin

BUT MOST OF ALL a relaxation massage can help reduce the tension and stress of every day life leaving you feeling good and revitalised.

Remedial Massage is used to treat specific areas of pain or dysfunction.

Conditions that benefits from Remedial Massage include most soft tissue sporting injuries, back, shoulder and/or neck pain, stress/tension headaches, muscle or ligament tightness, strain or injuries.

Remedial massage can also prevent injuries by stretching muscles and can speed up the healing process by aiding muscle nutrition.

Our highly professional massage therapists have a thorough knowledge of anatomy & physiology, structural examination and remedial massage techniques. They may use a range of assessment techniques including postural analysis, palpation, neural tests, muscle length and stability tests and tests for range of movement.

The therapist will devise a treatment plan to best suit the condition which will be discussed with the client and any concerns or questions will be answered.

Treatment may include a variety of remedial massage techniques appropriate to the condition, muscle energy techniques, postural corrections and stretching and strengthening exercises.